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Discord solid line

One of the most popular and fun types of Discord bots are music bots. Discord supports both text and voice channels, and with a music bot, you can have a bot join a voice channel and stream music live from YouTube, SoundCloud, and plenty of other sources.

However, creating a Discord music bot can be a long and painful process. Luckily, there are hundreds of public Discord music bots for you to choose from and add to your server right now.

Rythm is a dedicated music bot currently serving over 5. It also supports playing and searching directly from YouTube, queuing songs, importing YouTube playlists, and more. Another big perk of Rythm is the ability to control the bot through its web dashboard. Click here to invite Rythm to your server. Groovy is a great option due to its uptime and ease of use.

It supports YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify, and allows song shuffling, seeking, queuing, displaying lyrics, and a permissions system to restrict the bot to certain roles or users. Groovy also has several premium options, such as changing the bass boost, speed, and pitch of songs. Premium users can also toggle interesting sound filters, such as nightcore and vaporwave.

Overall, Groovy is a solid, no-fluff music bot that gives users everything they need for free. While many other music bots have complicated commands and settings, Groovy keeps it simple. Click here to invite Groovy to your server. It supports playlists from YouTube and SoundCloud, and unlike most bots that limit searching to YouTube, FredBoat will also allow you to search for music using both of these popular platforms. Wastebin which FredBoat can play from works alongside Hastebin, allowing for seamless importing and exporting of queues.

FredBoat also includes a permissions system where you can define access levels for three different ranks: admin, DJ, and user. The Discord bot also includes a few moderation commands, such as kicking and banning, but there are much better Discord moderation bots out there. Click here to invite FredBoat to your server.

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When it comes to music bots, Discord has a lot of them. Craig is a long-time writer, coder, and marketer with years of experience in the technology and gaming spaces.

discord solid line

Sincehe's worked remotely with some of the most notable publications in these industries, specializing in Windows, PC hardware and software, automation, and the like. Read Craig's Full Bio. How to Restore Windows to Factory Settings.Thank you for visiting nature.

discord solid line

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A Nature Research Journal. We present an analytical solution for classical correlation, defined in terms of linear entropy, in an arbitrary system when the second subsystem is measured.

We show that the optimal measurements used in the maximization of the classical correlation in terms of linear entropy, when used to calculate the quantum discord in terms of von Neumann entropy, result in a tight upper bound for arbitrary systems. Furthermore, our results give a way to calculate the quantum discord for arbitrary n -qubit GHZ and W states evolving under the action of the amplitude damping noisy channel.

Quantum entanglement plays important roles in many areas of quantum information processing, such as quantum teleportation and superdense coding 123. Nevertheless, quantum entanglement is not the only form of quantum correlation that is useful for quantum information processing. Indeed, some separable states may also speed up certain quantum tasks, relative to their classical counterparts 4567 and many quantum tasks, such as quantum nonlocality 289 and deterministic quantum computations with one qubit 10can be carried out with forms of quantum correlation other than quantum entanglement.

One such quantum correlation, called quantum discord, has received a great deal of attention recently see ref. Introduced by Ollivier and Zurek 12 as the difference between the quantum mutual information and the maximal conditional mutual information obtained by local measurements 1213quantum discord plays an important role in some quantum information processing 14 Despite much effort by the scientific community, an analytical solution of quantum discord is still lacking even for two-qubit systems.

Owing to the maximization involved in the calculation, there are only a few results on the analytical expression of quantum discord and only for very special states are exact solutions known. However, if instead of the von Neumann entropy one uses the linear entropy, the optimal measurements that maximize the conditional mutual information can be obtained analytically Here, we show that using these optimal measurements to determine the quantum discord in terms of the von Neumann entropy results in an excellent upper bound for the latter.

Moreover, we show that this result gives a way to calculate the quantum discord for arbitrary n -qubit GHZ and W states, with each qubit subjected to the amplitude damping channel individually. The usual quantum discord, in terms of von Neumann entropy, is defined as follows: let denote the density operator of a bipartite system composed of partitions A and B.

Let and be the reduced density operators of A and Brespectively. The quantum mutual information, which is the information-theoretic measure of the total correlation, is defined aswhere is the von Neumann entropy.

discord solid line

Usually, the total correlation is split into the quantum part and the classical partsuch that. The classical correlation of a bipartite state is defined as. Finally, the quantum discord is defined as the difference between the total correlation and the classical correlation 1213 :. To calculate our tight upper bound to quantum discord, instead of the von Neumann entropy one uses the linear entropy.

The linear entropy of a state is given by:. In terms of the linear entropy 3one can correspondingly define the conditional linear entropy, and the classical correlation 16 is written as:.

Although the classical correlation and, consequently, the quantum discord 2 is extremely difficult to compute in terms of von Neumann entropy, the classical correlation 4 expressed in terms of linear entropy can be calculated analytically. In what follows we present the analytical formula for an arbitrary quantum systems.Discord is one of the most popular chatting and VOIP applications among gamers. It offers various useful features which are not available in its alternatives.

Not only you can communicate with your friends, but you can even join different discord channels. If you are also a part of such servers on Discord, then chances are that you have seen different styles of fonts in Discord.

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As a result, many of you might want to use such type of text in your Discord as well. This post is regarding how to use various Discord Font Formatting. You will learn multiple methods of creating many kinds of formatted text.

Make sure to go through this article till the end if you wish to send some of the most unique stylish messages in Discord. There are different kinds of text markdown formats in Discord which deal with several methods which have to be followed in order to successfully format text in Discord.

As a result, we have provided all of the major text formatting options present in Discord. Before going into advanced text formatting, we have only provided the basic text formatting options found on Discord. Simply go through them one by one to successfully format text in Discord. One of the most basic forms of formatted text is bold text. It simply makes the selected text a little larger so that it appears different from the rest of the text.

And just as you would expect, the bold text found in Discord is similar to the bold text of any other application on your program.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to create your text bold in Discord. In order to get text bold, you have to follow the given steps one by one in Discord:. Apart from making bold text, people also tend to use slanted italics in various applications. As a result, Discord also allows you to italicize text in any of your Discord channels without any issues.

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And just like bold text, it is quite easy to get slanted italics text in Discord. In fact, just like making text bold, you have to use asterisks to italicize text in Discord.

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You can follow the given steps one by one if you want to get slanted italics text in Discord:. If you want to highlight a specific part of your text message in Discord, the simplest way is to underline it. As the name suggests, it essentially adds a line under the desired part of your text message.

It is one of the most common methods of formatting text in a computer.Not even 4 weeks have passed since Paralives was announced to the public, yet its Discord server has already grown to over 10, members. Perhaps due to this demand, people have become inspired to support the game on Patreonwhich has already grown beyond patrons. Paralives is currently a solo project, but we know that the creator is looking to start a small studio. If you wish to help support this incredible project, you can become a patron here.

Already a patron? Then please tell us what inspired you to support Paralives in the comments below! Paralives is a game built for the community, by the community. The developers encourage YOU to share your ideas for your dream life simulation game! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to win a copy of Paralives upon release! Just became a patron first time being a patron of anything and im really exited for the game!!! Their doing a great job so far and i cant wait! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Paralives Hub JP July 16, Categories: Announcements. Paralives Hub JP This article was posted by the owner of this website.

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TigerChild April 19, Amy September 15, Plain text can get very annoying very quickly — but in fact, there are ways to change your text color.

The key to this method of adding color to text lies in the fact that Discord uses Javascript to build its interfaces, along with a theme known as Solarized Dark and a library called highlight. That is, when you are logged in to your Discord server, the page you see is being rendered by a series of rather sophisticated Javascript programs, including highlight.

Although the native Discord user interface provides no support for colorizing your text, the underlying Javascript engine, running the highlight.

The basic concept to understand is that in order to change the color of a given piece of text, you need to encapsulate that text in a code block. This is a three-line block of text with your text as the middle block. So a sample code block would look like:. There are two basic ways to enter text this way. The first way is to have a text file on your computer with the various codes for the different text colors that you can access in this fashion, and cut and paste the segments you want to use.

Another way is to directly enter the code block into the Discord chat engine line by line. Type the second line, and hit shift-Enter again.

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Then type the third line and hit Enter, and the entire block will be sent at once and will display your text. There are some limitations to this method. Two, your text will appear in a box in the Discord server. For example:. The highlight. Here are the codes, and samples of their appearance. Note that the first code needs to have its mouth washed out with soap.

Not only would this one not color the whole line, though I was able to do it previously, it also did the wrong color. Well, this is flaky stuff. There are some other ways to get your text to display in colors using the same basic technique but in a more advanced way. The reason all of this works sort of is that these formats are intended for displaying code blocks when a developer is writing a program.Learn how to make a Discord Bot from the ground up by watching our free video course nearly 2 hrs of video!

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How do Discord bots work after all? This means that when something happens in Discord, your bot sees it happen and takes action. You get to program that action. A great example is the ping pong bot we have below. A chat message was sent! If your bot has code to handle an event, then it goes through and runs that bit of code you associated with the event.

In the ping-pong example, we created code that handles any new chat messages our event trigger.

Playing D\u0026D Online with Discord

Our bot officially speaks! The good news is, there have been dozens of packages created for the Discord API making it easier to use. Instead of writing low-level code and handling a bunch of web requests, a library does all of the hard work for you.

To put it simply, libraries package up everything you can do in the Discord API into a nice, clean set of commands. You can then take these commands and create your bot with much less code and much less hassle.

We will be using Discord API libraries throughout this guide to make all of this information easier to digest and easier to follow. And finally, your bot code also on the right. This is the actual code behind your bot that lets it do what it needs to do. Your bot running on your server then interacts with Discord through their API, figures out what events or triggers happened, and reacts in a pre-programmed way.

This is also how you add bots to channels — using OAuth2 requests. Its real power is when you realize you can do all of this without giving out your Discord username and password. This is the beauty of OAuth2. Whenever you get stuck, remember that someone has likely encountered and solved the same problem at least once before.If a line is to show at the end of line use right tab instead so everything lines up on right edges.

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While Word forms only work for Word users and I am not sure if they may or may nor work exactly right between Mac and PC between what features are used. Did this solve your problem?

Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. What is the best way to create them?

discord solid line

Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. This thread is locked.

3 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music In Your Server

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Phillip M Jones. There probably is a better way if your creating Forms from within Word. However if you going to design the Form then save as a PDF and use Acrobat which is what I do to actually create the form elements.

This is method I use: Open word create document. Next go to format menu and choose Tabs. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? It depends a great deal on whether your 'form' will be completed on a computer or whether it will be used exclusively as a printed form to be completed manually.

See Word Help on the subject: Set or clear a tab stop for more information.

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Forms to be completed on the computer require considerably more structural design in order to 'hold their shape' when edited. This site in other languages x.


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