Cheap cv axle

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Cheap cv axle

Call toll free: Email: sales raxles. Toggle navigation. Home Products. Raxles is currently open and operating as per usual for online orders. We have inventory in stock, locally, in the United States. Welcome to Raxles! We strive for perfection in everything we do. We were the first company to use new CV joints exclusively on every CV axle we sell.

Our goal is to become first in the nation when it comes to Original Equipment quality CV axles and joints. Not only are we a global supplier of the best CV axles in the industry, to the top dealerships, auto repair shops, auto parts stores, and racing teams, we also sell directly to the consumer. If you want the finest CV axles on the market, we invite you to find out more.

Why Is Raxles the Best? What is it that makes Raxles CV axles better than all the others? We never regrind our components. Regrinding is a common practice in the industry, but it can lead to a number of problems. Here's why Raxles never regrinds:. When you regrind used parts, they must be held in position for the entire process a feat which is virtually impossible to achieve. As the part moves around, grinding becomes inconsistent, resulting in an inferior product.

Regrinding CV joints removes the case hardened 'race' which the ball bearings move against. The 'race', which is the track along which the ball bearings roll and slide against, is a short-term fix. Getting rid of that wear with the regrinding process results in a surface which is much softer, and which wears out in months if not weeks. The failure rate on CV drive axles with reground components is extremely high.

The only way to ensure a high quality, long lasting product is to rebuild with brand new, quality components. Other CV axle companies regrind their parts in order to keep their prices low. But what they're really doing is cutting corners and delivering an inferior product. Don't be fooled!

A Raxles CV Axle with new components is your only option for a high quality, long lasting solution to your CV problems. Find out more about the Fundamentals of CV axles. Ready to order your axles? Contact us today. I have 98 Audi A4 1. I got them from Raxles and let me tell you what a great experience!

Not only were the axels great, well packed with paper towels, gloves and a Swiss army knife as souvenir and in perfect conditions but also Marty was great to deal with. His sales and customer service skills are second to none, and coming from a customer service background I now how hard that is.

Marty, Thank You. Haime D.CV axles are most commonly used on the front-wheel-drive vehicles to transfer engine power from the transaxle to the wheels.

Some all-wheel-drive vehicles with independent rear suspensions also use CV axles to transfer engine power to the wheels. CV axles have an inner joint and an outer joint. The two CV joints on a drive axle can be replaced separately, if necessary. That involves removing the axle, removing the axle boot and then the joint, installing a new joint, new grease and the boot, then, reinstalling the axle in the vehicle.

For whatever reason, whether using OE parts or aftermarket, pre-assembled CV axles generally cost about the same or often less as single CV joint cost. The above CV axle estimates rely on book time; many shops will replace axles at a standard charge on most vehicles rather than book time, usually often calculated at a flat hour labor charge.

Aftermarket & OEM CV Axle Shaft

Usually that is taken care of by the shop, and is only an issue if the old axle is damaged in some way that it has no core value. For many years, depending on the vehicle, new axles were only available through dealer sources and only remanufactured axles were commonly available in the aftermarket. Most of the time, a new axle is the best choice, but looking at the CV joint pricing differences above — many times, it comes down to cost.

In the last few years, there is much better availability for new aftermarket axles on many vehicles. On most CV axles, there is an axle seal at the juncture where it slides into the body of transmission. But the seal is easy to damage during installation and is usually pretty insignificant in cost, especially when compared to the cost of a double axle joint replacement.

Often, a wheel alignment will be recommended after the axle replacement. There is a general rule that if any part of the suspension between the wheels is removed or replaced, the alignment should be checked.

On most vehicles, to replace an axle, you have to disconnect a lower ball joint. Sometimes the whole knuckle has to be removed and sometimes the knuckle is disconnected at the strut. The main sign of a change in toe angle the primary angle involved in tire wear is a change in the position of the steering wheel when driving straight down a flat road. If the steering wheel was level before and level after, probably, there was no change. If an inner joint has failed, it should be kept in mind that these are vulnerable to engine position.

cheap cv axle

If an engine mount, the part of your car that holds the engine in place and absorbing vibrations, is worn out, that changes the angle of the engine and so, the angle of the joint.

If the engine mount that resists engine movement under force wears out, then, the engine can roll forward or back too far. This can put the inner joints at a more extreme angle than they were designed for; causing wear and failure.

CV joints use a rubber or silicon boot to hold the grease in the joint. Most CV joint failures begin with a split or torn boot — whether from ordinary wear and tear or getting torn from road debris. At that point, the grease slings out and road grime can enter. In some cases, if a torn boot is noticed soon enough, the boot can just be replaced.

More often, the joint has run too long without grease to be trusted or the joint has enough mileage on it that replacement is warranted for age and wear regardless. Joints can also wear out if the boot is intact.

cheap cv axle

On an outer joint on a front axle, what is commonly noticed is clicking noise when accelerating with the wheel steered fully one way or the other. The inner joint is under the most stress when accelerating; regardless of direction. Sometimes, wear patterns can develop in the tripod joint that prevent the smooth transmission of power. SpendOnAuto Team Clutch. This is almost never done! How CV Joints Fail.

More Articles. Author Bio. SpendOnAuto Team. Close Menu.Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors. Activity Feed DSMtuners.

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Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Need new CV Axles - Which one to buy? Oreilly, Rockauto, etc Dec 10, 1. Hey friends. Im buying NEW ones, not refurbished ones. What do you think?

Any other options?? Buy at ExtremePSI. Dec 10, 2. I have advance auto, they were recommended to me from someone on here, said they could hold decent power, they have been good to me.

Dec 10, 3. Go with the Tough One's. I've personally had very good experiences with them. The axles from Oreilly's are junk. The splines are machined wrong and the threaded end on the outside is way too long. Dec 10, 4. GSP from Advance Auto. Lifetime warranty. Dec 10, 5. I work at O'reilly, do not go with the Masterpro. I don't recommend Masterpro anything.

Even the Masterpro Selects with a lifetime warranty. Call up to your local store. They should have more legit brands in our parts system than whats showing on the website. My axles are good so I haven't looked into any through our system but I know we can get more than whats on the website. Dec 10, 6. My girlfriend unfortunately bought O-reillys house brand wheel bearings and axles for her spyder last year since she was short on cash.

Less than 8k miles and the wheel bearings are already toast, and the axles are so loose in the cup they can move an easy half inch before contacting either end of the cups, both laterally and horizontally. Dec 10, 7. I've had very bad experience with o Reilly's master pro axles. I would avoid them even if you break down in an oreillys parking lot. Dec 10, 8. Dec 11, 9.My Account Track Order. Select Vehicle Select New Vehicle.

What could CV axle failure do to my car? If you've been hearing a clicking or grinding sound when turning or cornering lately, then you might want to take a look at the axle where the sound is coming from. You can either get under the car or lift it up, then grab the axle and try to move it back and forth. Another indication of a bad axle could also be an unordinary amount of vibration especially when coupled with a clicking sound ; however getting your CV joint race and bearings re-packed may fix the problem.

This is typically caused by a ripped or torn CV boot that is allowing road debris into the joint causing increased wear. Many times, CV axle failure is much more serious, and could result in a loss of control of your vehicle if gone untreated. Reasons for this kind of failure usually point to some collision or physical damage to the CV axle, and should not be taken lightly.

A brief history of constant velocity axles. An axle is the center shaft around which a wheel spins. Axles have been around as long as wheeled forms of transportation have, and as the demands of vehicle operators have grown so has axle technology. From carts and carriages to cars and trucks, suspensions and axles have evolved together to improve drivability and comfort while maintaining functionality.

How Much Does a CV Joint Replacement Cost?

The Rzeppa type CV axle was born out of the necessity to add independent suspension to the drive wheels. It does this by expanding on the design of a simple Cardan style universal joint, by using a race or gait of ball bearings that rotate forward, backward, and around a large grooved sphere that's attached to the axle shaft.

If the race is built into a joint that's attached to the transmission, it will rotate along a fixed axis. The axle shaft, however, may rise and fall as the suspension adapts to road conditions.

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As that happens, the grooved sphere remains centered inside the joint as it rotates and the ball bearings packed in the race continue to move through the grooves normally. The CV axle was a marvelous invention back in the 's that we now take for granted today. Can I replace my own axle?Skip to main content Front Axle.

Need new CV Axles - Which one to buy ? Oreilly, Rockauto, etc...

In Stock. These are a little more expensive than most but the quality seems very good and customer service was very responsive and helpful! Add to cart.

Currently unavailable. I purchased a set for my The job was easy enough in the driveway and went with out troubles.

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My truck is back in action and the 4x4 works perfectly again time will tell how well the TRQ CV shafts hold up. TRQ warranty comes with a limited life time so hopefully they're built with that in mind. See All Buying Options. East Lake Axle front cv axles set compatible with Yamaha Grizzly These worked great! Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Decent price, and nice and quiet when turning. Only 16 left in stock - order soon.

These replacement axles fit perfectly, and seem to be well machined from treated steel I doubt that these are as tough as a OEM Dana axles but they are probably quite suitable for everyday driving with standard size tires. These axles will directly replace either the universal joint type axles, or the CV axles. Although smoother in operation than the universal joint type, CV's are perhaps not quite as strong.

For off roading with 33 inch tires, a universal joint might be more appropriate. However, a universal joint will often fail at the yoke which may then bind, hindering free rotation of the axle, while a broken CV joint will usually allow for a limping rotation. The ABS tone rings are integral with these axles.

cheap cv axle

Only 9 left in stock - order soon. The CV axle fit perfectlyy to my Subaru Legacy 2. Only 18 left in stock - order soon.

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Exact fit. Working flawlessly. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Very nice, heavy duty axle assy. I've bought all my axle equipment from Yukon and always had good luck with them. Didn't end up going in the axle I bought it for due to my buddies axle housing being bent about 2" upward. Just as describe.

Seems like it's a good quality was a minute install looked a little bit smaller than Factory but other than that it gave more room to work nothing negative to say about it. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. They fit true and work awesome. Thank you for the fast shipping too. Very awesome.Regular inspections of the boot will ensure it is sealed so no dirt or grime gets in to wear down your joints, which will provide you with a smoother ride.

If identified early, boot replacement can save you money, but it is still a labor-intensive operation. For joints that have gone an extended period without lubricant, you will likely need to replace the entire axle. In some vehicles, the CV joint cannot simply be replaced — the entire half-shaft will need to be replaced. The half-shaft is crucial to propelling front-wheel drive vehicles. The easiest and most practical path to an efficient and effective repair is to bring your car to a trusted technician.

The most important part of CV axle maintenance is inspection of the protective boots. Replacement of cracked rubber boots can save the higher expense involved in joint or half-axle replacement. These components are constantly exposed to the ups-and-downs of the road you drive on. Despite this stress, these joints can last tens of thousands of miles, so long as the protective boots covering them remain intact. CV joint failure almost always results from boot failure, resulting in the loss of grease and the entry of dirt and moisture.

CV boots are protective rubber or plastic components that cover the CV axle. Their job is to provide protection from bumps on the road. With constant use, the flexible rubber fatigues over time. Ultimately wearing down, the rubber cracks and allows the lubricant out and dirt and moisture in. Meineke offers free brake inspections, which is the perfect time to also inspect CV boots.

The cost can vary, largely depending on the type of CV joints you have. However, by calling the team at Meineke, you can get a specific quote on CV joint replacement for your vehicle. Contact us today to speak with a Meineke service technician about your CV joint replacement needs. By connecting with the team at Meineke, you can get a specific quote on drive shaft replacement for your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more.

If your vehicle has front-wheel drive, then it definitely has constant velocity, or CV joints, located at the ends of the drive shafts. A lot of rear-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles will also have CV joints. You should be able to spot the CV joint boot of your car on the inside of the wheel, underneath your vehicle. CV joints play an essential role in the way your vehicle operates, allowing the axles and wheels to flex as the vehicle is driven—helping to account for things like turns and uneven surfaces.

There are a number of telltale signs that your drive shaft needs to be replaced. These signs include feeling vibrations as you drive; hearing a loud clunking noise; hearing a squealing sound when you drive; or experiencing sudden difficulty turning. As for CV joints, you know they need replacement when you hear a clicking sound as you drive; in particular, hearing clicking or popping sounds when you turn lets you know your CV joints are bad.

There are several ways you can tell when your drive shaft is going bad. Additionally, be alert for any unusual noises—clunking or scraping sounds coming from underneath your vehicle.

Front Axle

If you notice any of these warning signs, make an appointment with a Meineke service technician right away. To schedule a CV joint replacement service, contact the professionals at Meineke today.While Sunderland may benefit from Simon Grayson's experience, it remains to be seen what sort of influence Slutsky has on his side.

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CV Joint And CV Axle Problems - AutoZone Car Care

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